My first blog post and 10 first impressions about Mexico

A few weeks ago, before I took off for Mexico, I set up my blog using the Ghost blogging platform. Although I have tried a basic post from a mobile device before leaving, it turned out soon that I won't be able to post regularly during the trip, as planned. So, my first post is delayed with two weeks, but nevertheless, here it goes.


First hours in Mexico and 10 things I quickly got to discover:

  • People are clapping when the plane lands - and me, thinking that this can only happen in Romania
  • Learning a bit of basic Spanish will help a lot (I used duolingo and I love it!)
  • People on the street don't usually speak English,but when they do, they speak with an impeccable British accent
  • Pedestrian crosswalks? Rarely, try slalom between cars and jumping small walls instead :D
  • Mexican drivers are not that crazy as I thought they were. But if "lucky" enough to get the the real Mexican driver, he will be sure to prove that their driving style from the american movies is not only a myth
  • Get ready for tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and small variations such as quesadillas, panuchos and salbutes)
  • Habanero chili is a food of the devil
  • The price of things is usually "xx pesos, but for you I'll make it yy"
  • Contact lenses can be easily bought without a prescription
  • Basketball is very popular - there is a good basketball court everywhere, even on the smallest island ;)


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