Mexico & Belize: days 1-3 - Christmas on the beach

I was daydreaming about this winter break for a while now, so when the time finally came I couldn't be more happy to pack my summer clothes and to leave for a two weeks trip through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala (at least that was the initial plan).

First hours in Cancun were chaotic and humid. Coming from cold Pittsburgh, the 25° here were a sudden transition to summer. After meeting the other half of the crew, time to head towards the first destination - Isla de Mujeres.

The island is pretty laid back, many bars, good (and cheap) eats and nice beaches. Although quite touristy, it made the perfect spot for another type of Christmas.


We stayed at Poc-Na Hostel, a place with awesome atmosphere, own beach area with hammocks, palm trees, beach bar and morning yoga classes. The common area featured another bar, a kitchen/"restaurant" and even a stage for concerts. We enjoyed the happy hours at the bar and the parties till late at night. :) The accommodation was basic and the breakfast rather poor, but I couldn't care less. With its location, palm trees and atmosphere, Poc-Na Hostel is awarded the title of best hostel I've ever been to.


It was my first Christmas spent far away from home, from the Romanian traditions, carols and the delicious never ending meals. This year, Santa left the presents under the palm tree and the Christmas dinner consisted of an amazing pita & beer (it tasted much better than it sounds). The big family breakfast on the first Christmas day was replaced by jogging and swimming on the empty beach, accompanied by pelicans, seagulls and a bunch of unidentified bird species.


The mulled wine I always had during winter was replaced by Corona. It's funny how this beer, rather expensive and 'fancy' in Europe is one of the most common and cheapest in Mexico.

After two days spent here, it was time to pack our stuff and head to the next destination: Tulum!

And if somebody who reads this post will ever think about visiting Isla de Mujeres, here are some tips:

Sleeping: Poc-Na Hostel - highly recommended

Good eats: Pita amore and the tacos place around here. Some of the restaurants and most of the taco places don't have license for serving alcoholic drinks, but you can always bring your own beer ;)

To do: Watch the sunset on Playa del Norte (together with other paparazzi-tourists), take a very morning walk (or run) on the beach, chill out & enjoy good parties. Ths island is supposed to be good for snorkeling and diving, but during Christmas holidays even the fish were celebrating.

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