Mexico & Belize: day 9 - Caye Caulker and hello 2014

The legend says that 50 years ago, a hurricane split Caye Caulker island in Belize in two. Nowadays, this is the spot where everybody hangs out - turists and locals, children and adults - swimming, chilling or having a drink.

jumping The guys living on the islands trying to earn the girls' hearts and tourists' admiration

jumping The Lazy Lizard and the Split

When we chose Caye Caulker for spending New Year's Eve, we already knew that this is the place where THE party is going to be. And we were right. After having a great pre-party dinner, we headed towards The Lazy Lizard bar, at the split. We - that is us and everybody else on the island.

I guess it is a challenge to find good music for such a diverse group of people, but somehow the DJs here made it, even without having a Mac :). The warm weather, the perfect scenery or a few glasses of drinks might have helped, and soon everybody was dancing - turists, locals and even kids - on the stage, on the tables, in the sand or in the water. As for myself, with the atmosphere there and the company, I didn't even care that the champagne at midnight was replaced by a beer from a plastic cup.

We woke up the next day on a heavy rain, but soon after the breakfast the sun appeared and we decided to take a walk and to check out the other part of the island. Our walk in flip flops became a 5 hours 'hike', watching birds, crocodiles and planes.

The photos below speak for themselves. :)

alone Spending the first day of a new year alone must be pretty sad...

birds brunch In the meantime, the others were having a big brunch.

gossip While some were gossiping about the events at the party

run This was supposed to be a great picture, until the moment when I chickend out and I ran.

crocodile As we were walking, we met this guy.

kids Kids are kids.

We spent a last evening on Caye Caulker chilling at the Lazy Lizard and having dinner with friends we made on our way to Belize. Next day we would pack our things and slowly head back to Mexico, not before a stop at some wonderful mayan ruins.

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