Mexico & Belize: day 10 - leaving Belize

Leaving Caye Caulker was a bit sad - I was in love with this island, but in the meantime I was so much looking forward to see what would come next. The plan was to explore a bit of Belize during the day, be back in Mexico in the evening and head up to Merida during the night.


Not far from our way between Belize City to Mexico there were the Altun Ha ruins. The ruins were already familiar to us, as they were on the label of the local belizean beer.



bumpy ride A fun ride :)

The bus we took from Belize City left us at a crossroad on the main "highway". We still had around 30km to go for getting to the ruins. Luckily, a pick-up took us there (together with 3 other hitchhikers). After a bumpy ride, we got at Altun Ha. Its location in the middle of the jungle and off the "MUST-SEE" list in guide books made our visit even nicer and the plass less crowded, the glass greener and the atmosphere better.


I can see some similarities - Belikin

After another ride back to the main highway and another bus, we made it to the border to Mexico. We crossed the border by foot, which was a first for me. Soon we got to Chetumal and by next morning we would get to Merida. Welcome back to the land of tacos! :D

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