Mexico & Belize: days 11-12 - Merida

We arrived in Merida around 5AM on a Friday morning and we spent a few first lovely hours in the bus station, waiting for a decent hour for checking-in into a hostel.

It was a rainy day, but we couldn't say no to a Tacos breakfast at the best place in town. After waiting in line with the workers leaving for their daily jobs, some of us enjoyed a traditional mexican breakfast. As for myself, I only wanted a normal, european (or american) breakfast, with pastries, orange juice and coffee. After leaving our backpacks in the hostel, we rushed back to the bus station and we catched the bus for Uxmal, a nearby site with some famous Mayan ruins.




Uxmal - iPhone panorama mode for the win!

Despite the heavy rain, we enjoyed a few hours at the ruins and only when we left, the avalanche of tourists was coming.

Instead of waiting in the rain for one hour for the bus back to Merida, we were lucky to catch a ride with a cool couple, with which we ended up spending the whole day and evening with. Lonely Planet did once more its job and had a suggestion for a nearby restaurant - El Trapiche. Soaking wet, we finally enjoyed here some delicious yucateco dishes and smoothies, leaving aside tacos or other mexican wraps.


Main square in Merida


Throw flowers, not grenades.

Despite our plans to spend the next half of the day in Merida, we had to leave early in the morning and catch a bus to our next (and last) destination. Slowly, a dream holiday was coming to an end...

And if somebody who reads this post considers visiting Tulum, here are some tips:

Sleeping: We stayed at Luna Nueva Hostel and it was OK, big shared dorms, clean and warm water, but basic breakfast and no atmosphere. The staff doesn't speak english at all, but they are aware of the power of Google Translate. :)

Good eats: El Trapiche - a must try are the yucateco dishes and the smoothies.

To do:

  • Uxmal ruins - easy to get there by Ado bus; the most famous (and expensive) ruins around
  • free city tour - did not have time to do it, but it is supposed to be pretty good
  • spend an evening at Mayan Pub - live music, good atmosphere, nice garden and delicious drinks
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