Mexico & Belize: days 12-14 - Isla Holbox

We had to leave Merida sooner than planned and we ended up spending a full day on the road. Our last destination was Isla Holbox, a "not heavily touristed" place in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula. After the awesome time spent in Caye Caulker, the great weather and chill-out atmosphere we had high expectations for Isla Holbox as well.

After three buses and one ferry, we finally arrived on the island at dawn on a heavy (and never stopping) rain. The streets were completely flooded and it seemed like it was raining for weeks. We soon discovered that contrary to our expectations, the island was heavily touristy, with fancy hotels, restaurants and even a shopping area. Not really the backpacker's paradise, as advertised on different forums.




Wikitravel came to the rescue and that's how we discovered a family-owned tacos place. The food was delicious - the best tacos we ate in the whole trip. And the food was not the only thing that impressed me here. When we entered the restaurant, the whole family was gathered around the TV. Apparently they had was a slow night. As soon as we sat down, one of the daughters came to take the order. A smart kid that knew exactly what to recommend us when she saw that we were undecided. [It was not so much to chose from anyway]. She also knew to warn the tourists that the chili is "mexican"-spicy and to take care. Every member of the family had their role and responsibilities in making this restaurant work. They knew how important family is and the parents were educating their kids how they knew best. I didn't have the impression even for one moment that the children felt oppressed that they need to work in the evening. They were doing everything together, with a sincere smile on their face.



Next day when we woke up there was finally sun and blue sky. That called for jogging, discovering the island and enjoying the last rays of sun before heading back to the US.

On monday we would pack our things for the last time and head back to Cancun, where we started...


Happy, but sad. Time to leave. Good bye, Mexico!

And if somebody who reads this post considers visiting Tulum, here are some tips:

Sleeping: We stayed at Golden Paradise Hostel.

Good eats: La serenita - the best panuchos, sopes and tacos

To do:

  • having cash is always a good idea (ATMs are not very reliable)
  • go on the beach early in the morning
  • take A LOT of good mosquito lotion
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