Hashtag looongholiday

After finishing my studies (finally!), time has come to get serious and start a real job (aka full-time). But before that, a looong, last student holiday sounds like the perfect thing to do. Spending time with family, catching up with my Romanian friends, road tripping through Romania and finally backpacking in Asia. Al right, let's go!

First step: pack my things and bring them all back home. Or how I've decided to stop using the phrase "I don't have what to wear".

A one way flight Munich - Bucharest was crazy expensive, so I've decided for the cheaper option - train to Prague, hanging out there with friends for a night and then flight to Bucharest. This also had the benefit to avoid spending time alone in the airport and realizing that I will miss my friends there and Munich itself so much. Good byes in the Hauptbahnhof with my dear friend, butterbretzel to go (my fav Bavarian snack) and a small bretzel to keep Munich with me forever. :)


7 hours later, one broken train and of course, two hours delay (Eastern Europe ftw) and welcome to Prague :) As sunny and nice as I remember it, but this time packed with even more tourists.

Arriving back home was sweet - family, friends, warm weather and parties till the sunrise. And preparing for the next part of the long holidays - road trip through Romanian with le boyfriend, polish and Romanian friends. (story coming soon)

And after one month of holiday, my blog is back online, just in time for stories and photos from the next destination.

backpack Indonesia, here we come!

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