Two weeks in the land of islands, sunrise and volcanoes - Indonesia

This summer announced a big change for me: finishing my studies and starting the adult life. Once more, moving in a new city, in a different country, on another continent. And what is the best thing to do before starting this adventure? Travel! :)

It all started with the question: where to, and how much are the tickets? We found the answer with the help of a great tool for searching the best flights: ITA Software Matrix, combined with buying the tickets via Hipmunk. (Credits to this great blog post for the tip).

INDONESIA! 2 weeks with Le Boyfriend, discovering volcanoes, postcard-like islands, temples and local food.

We met in Vienna with a plan in mind: start off in Bali, then head to Flores Island as a starting point for Komodo National Park, and finally head back to Java and travel from east towards west, back to Jakarta. The plan was changed a few times during the trip, but even changing the plan was part of the plan. :)

Our trip, a combination between taking the plane, bus, boat, scooter, train and ferry.

The overall itinerary was:
Day 1 - Welcome to Bali - resting and enjoying the sunset in Kuta Sunset in Kuta

Day 2 - Ubud, temples and the greenest green I’ve ever seen. We took the bus from Kuta to Ubud; in Ubud, we had a driver with a car; funny guy, which drove us the whole day to various temples, coffee and rice plantations and to the Bandung Lake. Rice Paddies

Day 3 - Eastern Bali on a scooter! Best day till now: bat temple, postcard-like beaches and the water palace Tirta Gangga, followed by an awesome ride back through the mountains and rice paddies. Smile!

Day 4 - Hello Flores Island, welcome to Labuan Bajo! It was totally worth flying there by plain and the views from above were breathtaking. Another great sunset and planning for the boat trip next day. Sunset

Day 5 - We’re on a boat! Meeting Komodo Dragons, snorkeling next to a pink beach and my first night spent on a boat. OnABoat

Day 6 - Meeting Komodo Dragons part two and a drop-off on Kanawa Islands - aka Paradise. Snorkeling and enjoying life at its best. Plus an amazing sunset. Komodo

Day 7 - Paradise! Amazing sunrise, snorkeling, reading, snorkeling with sharks and turtles and all the colors in the world and another great sunset. We’ll be finding out soon that in Indonesia, it’s all about the sunrise. Paradise

Day 8 - Back to reality, back to Bali. We arrived in Denpasar Airport by plane and took the bus towards Java island, having in mind to sleep somewhere there. Definitely not our brightest thinking. We arrived around 12AM in Banyuwangi and finally found a single person room in the crappiest hotel ever (I was even afraid to enter the bathroom).

Day 9 - On the scooter, once again: discovering green forests, hidden temples, rice plantations, fisherman village. The trip to Kawah Ijen volcano is all planed for the night!

Day 10 - Indonesia is all about the sunrise: hiking during the night, descending inside the Kawah Ijen volcano and watching the sunrise. That’s what I call a good start for a day! after such a start, we took the train to Probolinggo, hop on the bus for Mount Bromo and made new friends. KawahIjen

Day 11 - Mount Bromo: We hike for the sunrise with our new friends. For sure, moments to remember - A.&V. are getting engaged at sunrise! :) Back to civilization, we arrive to Jogjakarta. This time we are travelling all together! :) MountBromo

Day 12: 3 scooters, 5 friends and new places: the sultan palace, Borobudur temple and a lot of fun! Borobudur

Day 13 - Same 3 scooters, same friends and another temple: Prambaran. All the good things have to finish at some point, so in the evening our group starts to say good bye… Prambaran

Day 14: Good bye Jogjakarta, hello Jakarta! We took a flight to Jakarta, met my friend Melinda and discovered real, spicy, Indonesian food.

Good Bye Indonesia, these were indeed, great times! We saw a mazing sunrises, found paradise in Kanawa Islands, discovered great temples and unique animals. Great people, great country, great weather - what else could I ask more? Great food. That was covered as well.

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