Five random links for this week

Day by day, we're facing an information overload - everyday news, tech news, posts of our favorite bloggers, funny facts, TED talks, and the list goes on. Personally, I enjoy reading articles recommended by friends or by bloggers I follow. So I figured - why not posting, from time to time, my random top five links for the day, for the week or for the month?

  1. Ema is a scout girl from Romania that needs our help. She was diagnozed with 3 cysts on her brain and needs a surgery that costs 20000 Euro. She's almost half way through raising these money - let's help her go on with her life! She's only 16!
  2. I was recently introduced to the most delicious home-made burger sauce: curry-mayonnaise-mustard sauce. For real burgers or "fake" veggie burgers, a delight! [Make sure to compensate with an extra hour at the gym ;)]
  3. Thinking about starting a new habbit for the new year to come? Here are five principles to follow in order to increase your chances.
  4. Our reality is built on myths. Here's an infographic with the world's most contagious falsehoods.
  5. Good bye 2014, may 2015 be even better! 2014 was one of the best years in history.

Did you stumbled upon something interesting, fun or mind-blowing this week? What are your favorite articles to share?

Last two articles are from the end-of-the-year list read on

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