#PNWonderland: Wildflowers on Sauer Mountain

Flowers make me happy. Wildflowers on the mountains - even happier. That's how we decided to go for a hike on Sauer's Mountain, on a Sunday afternoon in May. I was searching on Instagram for hike inspiration and pictures tagged with #wildflowers and #pnw, and Sauer's Mountain Trail seemed to be a great choice for a light hike at the end of the weekend.

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Next to the parking lot, we met a man who was working on the trail. He presented himself as "Mister Sauer", and told us a short story about how has built this trail 20 years ago, starting in his yard. When he got asked by the authorities why he did not let them know, he said "If I asked for permission, you wouldn't have let me do it". It took him three summers to finish it, and he is maintaining it ever since. The signs on the route are handmade out of wood, and at the top there is a guestbook where people can leave a few words for Mister Sauer.


The hike itself is beautiful and perfect for a Sunday afternoon: around 2000ft elevation, 6 miles roundtrip, mostly in the shadow of the woods, but with plenty of wildflowers and great overlooks. To make things even better, our friend decided to do the same hike at exactly the same time, and we were all pleasantly surprised when we randomly met at the trailhead.

Thank you, Mister Sauer, for building something that brings so much joy in people's lives!

Sauer's Mt.
Sauer's Mountain by Mr. Sauer

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