#PNWonderland: Rafting on Sauk River, Hiking on Sauk Mountain

White water rafting was on this summer's TODO list for a while now, and a weekend in June when the waters were supposed to be fast enough, we got to do it. We then continued the day with a beautiful hike on Sauk Mountain, and a well deserved nap next to the Skagit river.

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Rafting on Sauk River

We got a sweet deal for a Class 3-4 rafting trip on Sauk River with Triad River Tours, and on a sunny Sunday morning we showed up bright and early at the meeting point not far away from Darrington (Washington), a small town with a terrific view on the North Cascades Mountains range.

Thumbs up for the guys from Triad River Tours, who were super professional: their safety briefing was spot on and when we started the adventure of the river I felt prepared for any situation - and a bit scared (of course). The rafting trip itself lasted a bit over 2 hours, and it was super fun - we focused and row hard in the currents, laughed when they were over, and screamed like babies at every cold splash. The views around were amazing - green trees, snowy peaks and milky glacier waters.

Rivers are typically rated on a scale from 1-6, depending on their difficulty (where 1 is the easiest possible, and 6 is very extreme). Sauk river has mostly Class 3-4 rapids and was great for my first time rafting. Looking forward for some more action the next time.

Hiking on Sauk Mountain

Blue skies, snow and hot summer weather!

Once the rafting trip was over, we had a quick lunch and headed for an afternoon hike on Sauk Mountain - what a beautiful spot that is! The great is 4.2 miles long (~6.3km), 1200 feet (~360m) elevation gain and great views all the way up. The weather that weekend was hot, but on the backside of the mountain there were some snowfields. Words don't make justice for the views from the top. Wildflowers were everywhere along the path, green meadows and good company - what more could I want from a Sunday afternoon?

On the way down, the hiker in front of us got attacked by an aggressive bird and it didn't seem to be too happy about our presence either. Our guess was that the bird had some babies and was protecting them, and with some luck it flew around us and left us alone.

Green meadows

What a beautiful hike! Not too crowded, not too long, perfect way of ending the weekend. As time passes, seems like the North Cascades National Park becomes one of my favorite places to hike in the Pacific Northwest.

That moment when I'm hiking on snow in my bikini top 😂😂 - - #hiking #snow #pnw #pnwonderland #herpnwlife #dayhike #pacificnorthwest #sunny #northwestisbest

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